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Professional video production services

Our passion is creating content that counts. With a brand new state of the art facility, the best cameras, software and eight years experience producing videos that create instant engagement. Promoting Buffalo is your premier all in one content creation team. Call 716-400-2004 to get started today.

Nothing Works Better

Highlight your business, products, or services in stunning 4k HD with video production services from Promoting Buffalo. Our creative content videos include on site filming, editing, royalty free music, professional voice over, and exclusive rights to use freely for all digital marketing.

Our Videos Last Forever

Unlike traditional advertising our videos are made custom for your business. You receive digital copies of your video along with exclusive rights to use on television, social media, and your website. 

Generate Instant Engagement

Now is the time to show off those signature drinks, fresh brewed beer, delicious steaks, crispy wings or brick oven pizzas. Entice your guests by highlighting your signature menu items.  

We have single video & premium multi-pack options available

Basic Video Option

Single basic video


Up to 2 hrs onsite filming

Editing 60 sec final video

Royalty free music

Professional voice over

Logo placement

Business info at end of video

Exclusive rights to use freely

Premium Video Option

Single premium video


Up to 4 hrs onsite filming

Sit down video planning session

Professionally set up and stage shots

Editing up to  180sec final video

Premium color correction & grading

Premium royalty free music

Professional voice over (w/ special effects if needed)

Logo placement

Premium transitions

Premium effects & upgraded text

Custom animations

Premium title screen with business info at end of video

Exclusive rights to use freely

Premium Video Packages

Premium video packages

Hire Promoting Buffalo to be your on command video production team. Whether you're looking for 1 or 20 videos we have you covered. Keep your dedicated guests updated with regular creative content. 

We offer a wide range of premium content videos 

-Slow motion food & beverage

-Interview style with microphone

-Live event

-Upcoming promotional 

-Holiday sale

-Television commercials

- Product highlights

-Tutorial Informative

-Training videos

- Real estate & so much more!


Does your video require specific shots, actors or extended filming? Click here for a custom quote t